First meeting back in 2015, The Evisen and Pass~Port team shared many similarities; their love for skateboarding, karaoke, outrunning security and drinking well into the early hours of the morning. In-between all the adventures, we would shoot the shit heavily with Trent and the Pass~port lads. Spending countless hours drinking beers, sipping sake and chomping down yummy fried snacks in local izakayas. We would talk about all the parallels (and not so parallels) between Australian and Japanese skateboarding. How the local scenes were supportive of home-grown initiatives, talents, and projects. Another topic discussed and agreed upon was the direct influences and inspiration both companies had from their surroundings, heritage, and people. The organic relationship that formed over time and the mutual respect between the brands will always be at the forefront of this project. It's truly been an honor to work so closely with so many like-minded individuals, a big ol hot pot. We hope you enjoy  Cheers/乾杯