Limited copies, fluro/UV glow orange, riso printed insert
Inspired by the murky backstreets of every pub, club, backyard & basement throughout Australia’s metropolis.
After some brief online communication and exchanging of ideas/pleasantries, I for whatever reason decided to make a cooked mix with Pass~Port’s sensibilities in mind. Created on a sweltering day with too many tinnies under my belt, the mix is comprised entirely of cassette tapes mixed live. The same approach will be applied live at this event for the first (and probably last) time.
I grew up skating, never achieving anything of note apart from making myself a social pariah in high school (Newcastle was largely a surf/rugby league town at this point, not the cultural mecca it is known as today). Regardless, my time spent skating exposed me to music and ideas I otherwise wouldn’t have been, as well as validating my feelings about being a perennial outsider. What attracted me to Pass~Port was not only their unwavering support for Australian skateboarding/larrikinism, but Trent’s open-mindedness to art and music generally. This reminded me of what interested me in skateboarding to begin with, not the industry-driven, Olympic-sport-to-be it currently exists as today (in some capacities), but the pure, good shit.
– CB / Roman Nails